Thursday, April 1, 2010

HALO: The Fall of Reach

I don't normally read novels based on video games but when I was looking for a new SCI-FI book to read by browsing I noticed this book had exceptional reader reviews so, I gave it shot.  It wasn't quite as magnificent as the reviews lead me to believe but it was still pretty good.  

As you can guess it's about HALO so, there is a lot of fighting and shooting and explosions.  
However, the author, Eric Nylund, is a real chemist or something and knows his science pretty good.  He adds a whole level of smart, hard sci-fi to keep the reader interested beyond the mega war action.  

Check it out from your library and give it a chance.  I'm intrigued enough to try reading the next book in the trilogy after I get a few other books knocked out first.