Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bushi Tales “Great In ‘08” According To Wizard Edge

This is a great book that is self published by it's creators and originated right here in the midwest. If you like beautiful, female samurai fighting it out in a supernatural Japan then this is the book for you. If you have not checked it out yet I highly recommend it. - The Comicnaut

Memphis, TN and Prescott Valley, AZ: March 2, 2008-

This week when the Bushi Tales creative team opened issue #198 of Wizard magazine they found out that
their comic was considered to be one of the “Great In ‘08”. Something they were grateful to read about
their self-published comic series.

Wizard is the comic industry’s leading trade magazine and featured Bushi Tales in the April Wizard Edge
special supplement, “The 50 things you need to know about indie comics in 2008”.

Wizard staff writer Rachel Molino said, “This book may be black and white but the atmosphere is vibrant
and expansive, fusing feudal-era flavor with heavy mythology.”

Bushi Tales has been a labor of love by friends who now live over 1400 miles apart. The creative team uses
the internet to send pages and sketches back and forth to each other, as well as running an online store and
Bushi Tales websites, including a special website for retailers- . The Bushi
Tales crew has also been making appearances at comic book and fantasy/sci-fi conventions across the country
promoting this popular online title, and meeting their fans from around the world. The BT trio will be making a
return trip to the San Diego Comic Con this summer.

Copies of Bushi Tales #1 and #2 have been solicited in Diamond’s Previews and available worldwide. Issue #3
hits stores this month and will wrap up this first storyline. Instead of the normal 32 pages, Bushi Tales #3 will be
a 48 page comic with black-and-white interiors, a full-color painted front cover by Beaty and Workman, extras
such as 2 back up stories and 3 new character bio pages, pin-up illustrations by Emmy award winning artist Bret
Blevins, syndicated cartoonist Greg Cravens (The Buckets), and HEOES web contest winning artist Andrew
Chandler- and no price increase! Cover price will continue to be $3.95.

Plans for a one shot spin-off title and Bushi Tales trade paperbacks are in the works to be released later in 2008.

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