Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sean Patty's New Video Log. Check it out!

Please check out Sean Patty's new video log. Sean is an amzing artisit and his speciality are viking and barabrian fantasy comics and stories. He is working on some new hand painted projects that look fantastic and you get a peek of them the video. If you like what you see make sure you contact him to find out about getting some of his previous work.

Click Here For Battground Victory Website

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Dark Wraith of Shannara

For those who are fans of Terry Brooks' Shannara books or just fans of fantasy in general there is a new graphic novel set in the Shannara universe.

You can check out my complete review of it at

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Music Review: Haale

For those who don't know, I also write for an online magazine called Playback:STL. My latest music review is now up. It is a review of the album No Ceiling by Haale. You can review the article here. >>>>> Haale Review

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"One Family" Sir Arthur C. Clarke dead at 90.

Well, another great one has left us. Sir Arthur C. Clarke has died at age 90 in his long time home of Sri Lanka.

Clarke's death hits close to my heart. It was Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey books and films that really took my geekness about Sci-Fi and outer space from a superficial Star Wars level and made me start thinking of things in a big picture sort of way.

Clarke's ability to take known science and evolve or advance it just enough to make unbelievable fiction believable has inspired people and scientist to approach the unapproachable challenges of the universe. At the same time he managed to keep it entertaining and readable to a mass audience.

It was through Clarke's books that I began to try seeing the world in a different way. I wanted to know things on a deeper level and learn to appreciate other peoples opinions and viewpoints better. He showed me that a man or woman can be more than one thing and be good at all those things. He also showed that sometimes an individual is put into remarkable situations that are well beyond their normal capabilities. It is how people respond to these challenges that truly define them. Most importantly Clarke showed us that quite often there is no other way to go than forward.

Rest in peace dear Sir and thank you.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bushi Tales “Great In ‘08” According To Wizard Edge

This is a great book that is self published by it's creators and originated right here in the midwest. If you like beautiful, female samurai fighting it out in a supernatural Japan then this is the book for you. If you have not checked it out yet I highly recommend it. - The Comicnaut

Memphis, TN and Prescott Valley, AZ: March 2, 2008-

This week when the Bushi Tales creative team opened issue #198 of Wizard magazine they found out that
their comic was considered to be one of the “Great In ‘08”. Something they were grateful to read about
their self-published comic series.

Wizard is the comic industry’s leading trade magazine and featured Bushi Tales in the April Wizard Edge
special supplement, “The 50 things you need to know about indie comics in 2008”.

Wizard staff writer Rachel Molino said, “This book may be black and white but the atmosphere is vibrant
and expansive, fusing feudal-era flavor with heavy mythology.”

Bushi Tales has been a labor of love by friends who now live over 1400 miles apart. The creative team uses
the internet to send pages and sketches back and forth to each other, as well as running an online store and
Bushi Tales websites, including a special website for retailers- . The Bushi
Tales crew has also been making appearances at comic book and fantasy/sci-fi conventions across the country
promoting this popular online title, and meeting their fans from around the world. The BT trio will be making a
return trip to the San Diego Comic Con this summer.

Copies of Bushi Tales #1 and #2 have been solicited in Diamond’s Previews and available worldwide. Issue #3
hits stores this month and will wrap up this first storyline. Instead of the normal 32 pages, Bushi Tales #3 will be
a 48 page comic with black-and-white interiors, a full-color painted front cover by Beaty and Workman, extras
such as 2 back up stories and 3 new character bio pages, pin-up illustrations by Emmy award winning artist Bret
Blevins, syndicated cartoonist Greg Cravens (The Buckets), and HEOES web contest winning artist Andrew
Chandler- and no price increase! Cover price will continue to be $3.95.

Plans for a one shot spin-off title and Bushi Tales trade paperbacks are in the works to be released later in 2008.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Iron Man: The Trailer

Okay. I'm still skeptical of the new Iron Man movie scheduled for release on May 2 but this trailer is pretty cool. I see a few more details in this trailer that start to make me think that this movie has some real potential. Judge for yourself and let me know what you think.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comicnaut Episode 12 Podcast is now up.

My latest podcast is now up for your listening pleasure. In this episode I talk about Dark Horse Comics new Star Wars cross over storyline "Vector" that will connect all four of their monthly Star Wars titles and span over 4000 years of timeline.

You can check it out here at
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Great One Leaves Us.

Earlier this week we lost another comic legend, Steve Gerber. For the complete story check out this article from

As indicated in the above article Steve was as influential a talent in comics as any other during the last forty years. He created such well known characters as Howard the Duck and Omega The Unknown. He also contributed to many other titles including Submariner, Daredevil, and Man-Thing. Steve was also one of the first to be outspoken about creator rights and entitlements regarding their work. A stance that would produce bittersweet results for him.

In fact he may have even had more impact on some of us 30-something Gen-exers than we realize. Steve not only was a big part of comic books during the 1970s but he also created the now legendary Thundarr The Barbarian. Thundarr was an awesome post apocalyptic tale that seemed a bit out of place amongst the other line up kiddish Saturday morning shows. I personally hold this show responsible for showing me that animation didn't have to be all talking rabbits and mice. I'm also sure it is one of the reasons I've enjoyed tales of life after the fall of our current civilization. I'd give anything for someone to do a serious, intelligent revisit of this show and make something new for us.

Steve also worked on the Mr. T, Dungeons and Dragons, G.I. Joe and Transformers cartoons of the 1980s. I doubt there is anyone who grew up during this time period who didn't watch at least one if not all of these shows. And based on the wide spread recent nostalgia of such shows as Transformers I think it's safe to say Steve was a giant influence on a whole generation.

Steve was currently working on DC Comic's, Countdown To Mystery. He was 60 years old.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A new Star Wars movie?

After a few weeks of rumors it is official! A new Star wars movie! Sorta...

The scoop is that Lucas has announced that the upcoming CGI animated Clone Wars (not to be confused with the previous animated Clone Wars) will premiere in a movie format on the big screen this summer.

For the complete article go here: Clone Wars Article.

I am excited to see more Star wars but I am a little disappointed they are revisiting this period of the story. My guess is that the whole Anakin/Vader legacy turned out to way more anti-climatic than we had imagined for the last 25 years. Now they want to go back and try and strengthen a pretty weak story.

I'm still much more interested in the live action TV series that's still in the works. This one is suppose to take place in the 17 year period between the end of Episode III and the beginning of Episode IV. The Dark Times. This to me has much more of a chance at having some dramatic appeal like Empire did. And as great as the original special effects were in their day the thing that i think kept us coming back to the original movies again and again was the story. Something lacking in the newer movies.

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Hello World!

Hello everyone!

So, to stay more active with The Comicnaut website and to try and reach a broader audience I'm going to give this blog thing a shot. This post will be a quick one just to get things established.

For those who don't know The Comicnaut is a comic book commentary website that features articles and podcasts about mainly comic books but may also include movies, music, events and anything else that might come to my mind.

You can reach the main website here

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That's it for now. Talk with you all real soon.

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